MagicFiles 2.0

Turn your Palm OS device into a wireless flash drive!

MagicFiles lets you receive non-Palm Os files via Bluetooth or IR and store them into your expansion card. Now you can apply the same customised default save folders to files installed onto your device via Hotsync!

Key features of MagicFiles include:

  • Receive files with any extensions!
  • Receive files with long extensions (up to 15 characters).
  • Define any number of extensions (but with a limit of 16 active at any time).
  • Switch an extension to active or inactive with a single click.
  • Define different save folders for each file type.
  • No limitations on which folder to save into (supports sub folders).
  • Settings to automatically create folders if not found.
  • Settings to automatically rename or replace files if files with same file name already exist in save folders.
  • Settings to automatically set MagicFiles as the default application to receive active extensions.
  • Settings to automatically re-registers active extensions during application start-up.
  • Settings to automatically re-set MagicFiles as the default application to receive active extensions during application start-ups (useful if you have applications that overrides MagicFiles as the default receiving application).
  • Settings to automatically set the paths you defined to be applied for files installed onto your device via Hotsync.
  • Information screen to show default applications and Hotsync save folder for each defined extension.
  • Mini file manager to manage your folders.
  • Receive files from Bluetooth and Infra-Red connections.

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MagicFiles 2.0

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